Welcome to the William Pu Music Academy

The William Pu Music Academy, located in the heart of the fast-growing North Fulton area, is Atlanta’s most prestigious music academy. The Academy offers private and group lessons for students for all ages on various instruments, wether they be beginners or advanced students. Founded by William Pu, the former associate concertmaster of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, the Academy includes a distinguished faculty made up of Atlanta-area musicians with strong professional, educational and experienced teaching backgrounds. The unique combination of a distinguished faculty and a convenient location makes the William Pu Music Academy one of the highest in-demand music institutions in the greater Atlanta metropolitan area!

WPMA Students Won Positions in GMEA All State Orchestra 2015 & ASYO Auditions!

Congratulations to the following WPMA students who won the positions in GMEA All State Orchestra 2015 and Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra (ASYO) auditions! Job Well Done!

GMEA All State Orchestra 2015:
11-12 High School Orchestra 1:
1st Violin: Justin Lee, Joshua Shue, Andrew Zou, George Pan, Aomeng Cui
2nd Violin: Rachael Tao, Lingyi Xin, Tony Gong, Tricia Dang
11-12 High School Orchestra 2:
1st Violin: Jake Wong, Joseph Pang, Annie Su
2nd Violin: Lesley Chang, Sherry Guo
9-10 High School Orchestra 1:
1st Violin: Yueci Chen, Andrew Peng, Monica Chang, Minjoo Kim
2nd Violin: Kyle Qian, Amy Zhang
9-10 High School Orchestra 2:
Concertmaster: Sarah Chen
Middle Orchestra 1:
2nd Violin: Daniel Lee
Cello: Tannessa Dang
Alternate Violin: Michelle Pang

Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra (ASYO):
Violin: Monica Chang, Lesley Chang, Sarah Chen, Aomeng Cui, Serena Gao, Justin Lee, Connie Li, Joseph Pang, Kyle Qin, Joshua Shue, Annie Su
Alternate Violin: Jake Wong, Lingyi Xin, Andrew Zou

Spring 2015 Music Lessons Start Enrollment Now – FREE Registration Fee For New Students!

The William Pu Music Academy 2015 Spring Semester has started to accepting registration! The Academy 2015 Spring Semester starts from January 5, 2015 to May 17, 2015 with total of 18 weeks excluding Spring Break, April 6, 2015 – April 12, 2015. New Students who enroll early for the Spring 2015 can enjoy a free registration fee. The Academy offers private lessons, group lessons and chamber music program for the violin, viola, cello, double bass and piano. Starts from Spring 2015, WPMA will offer free monthly master classes for the Academy students. Outside of WPMA students are welcome to attend the master classes. Please contact WPMA for the availability. Private lessons start at $135 per month for 30 min. and $270 per month for 60 min. Chamber Music Program tuition is $250 with 5 sessions of 90 min. lesson per semester. To download the WPMA registration form, click here. Chamber Music registration form, click here.

Good News for Young Violinists!

WPMA welcomes our newest violin faculty, Virginia Billips, an early childhood education specialist! Emphasis on playing from a very young age, typically starting formal instruction from as young as 3 years old. Students old enough to study an instrument receive both an individual lesson and group class each week. This combination of private lessons and group classes lies at the heart of Dr. Suzuki’s philosophy and combined with the traditional teaching. Private lessons develop a student’s personal understanding. Group classes help students share their experiences with others in a fun and non-competitive environment.​ Parents are expected to attend group class with their children and while parental involvement is less focused, observers can offer the praise and support that makes any learning more productive. For more about Virginia Billips and other faculty members click here.